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Peppermint Twist Chronicles


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Author Platform, Marketing and Personal Promotion


Eleven  (11)  Celebrity  (Blurbs)  Endorsements – Millions of Fans – Followers

Working with our publisher, we will develop and execute a highly effective and unique national pre-launch, launch, and post-launch marketing strategy. We enjoy an unprecedented presence on Social Media (details below), and also have extensive SEO experience with Google, Yahoo, and Bing. I have over four decades of experience in sales, marketing, promotion, and advertising in a variety of senior positions. A Marketing expert that will work 24/7 to ensure success and generous profits for the publisher.


In addition to our extensive online presence, we will be spearheading outreach from each of the celebrities cited throughout the proposal. They have all agreed to help promote this project. We also have plans for a launch at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Radio Interviews, a Book and Concert Tour, and are pursuing a Movie and/or Theater production (all detailed below).


We know that authors need to take significant ownership of marketing in today’s increasingly noisy and competitive publishing environment, and we are fully committed to making this book a HUGE Success.


The Social Media initiatives mentioned below will create tremendous nationwide awareness, and we will engage in a number of in-person and word-of-mouth activities that have the potential to go viral world-wide. Among his numerous competencies, Steve designs and builds websites and optimizes them for maximum exposure. An expert in Twitter, he has created proprietary software that allows him to Tweet to over a million Twitter accounts on a highly targeted basis.


Regular posts will include unique visual content, photos, trailer videos, and hashtags designed to attract customers to purchase the book. Once designed, the book image will be branded and recognizable worldwide. It took several years to populate our social media networks with fresh content, videos, photos, etc., and we are now in a strong position to capitalize on our work in order to promote the sale of the book around the country on a 24/7 basis.


Target Audience

Nostalgia marketing, as a sub-discipline of marketing, sparks our longing to identify with the events, stories, romances, and friendships we cherish from younger years. Sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time is a key motivator. We all know the power of an old song to trigger vivid memories of the past. Recapturing some of those moments while uncovering new details about the early 60’s is a key goal of this book. It will be a time machine, taking us back to a familiar place many of us are longing to revisit, yet also full of unknown stories of social importance.


Baby Boomers, especially older ones, are the obvious target audience. Many will be interested in my personal story and the key themes of the book, as they already know of the “Peppermint Twist” and the Peppermint Lounge. Baby Boomer nostalgia has proven to be a great economic engine – witness the number of musical tours by groups from the 60s and 70s. Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons are a case in point. They perform about 75 concerts a year, sometimes to crowds of more than 10,000. Concert-goers know the lyrics and sing along with the band, drawing on memories of days long past. My story will similarly connect with audiences through emotions that are linked to deep and fond memories of their early years.


There are several recent circumstances that coincide with the themes of Peppermint Twist Chronicles:

  • The movie Green Book, which won the 2019 Oscar for Best Picture, has stimulated interest in life in the South before 1964 as well as other issues of historical importance.
  • In 2017, there were 34 TV spin-offs of old TV show series, including new versions of Dynasty, Twin Peaks, and Heathers. The public loves the past.
  • Of the top 10 grossing movies of 2016, only two were new properties. The others drew from films dating back decades.
  • Vinyl Record Sales are at a 28-year high and growing. Retro turntables are being sold everywhere.
  • Woodstock is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Boomers buy books of all types, and we believe that we can attract those looking for a rock and roll memoir as well as those looking for more about how events of the early 60s are still being played out today (it is said that the combination of entertainment and education make for lasting memoirs.) For example, the success of the movie Green Book has opened a window into America’s past that is new to many. I knew Frank “Tony Lip” Vallelonga personally from the Peppermint Lounge and will expand upon my encounters with bouncers, corruption, the Mob, and the like.




 Joey Dee Concert Schedule

 355 Facebook Groups (List)  – Registered & Active member – Eight Million members


 150 Videos

 Joey Dee Facebook

 Joey Dee Concert Schedule

 YouTube  Two and One-Half Million Views – Compilation of dance scenes from the early 60’s with Peppermint Twist (1961) by Joey Dee & The Starliters

 YouTubeTwo Million Views – Joey Dee & The Starliters


Book Launch at Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater, Florida

We have an agreement to use the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida for a full day, and it would be an ideal place for a book launch. Cousin Brucie will participate, and we can host a national event; full of giveaways, contests, prizes, a concert and of course, book sales. Ruth Eckerd Hall, capacity 2,180, is a 73,000-square-foot performing arts venue and is part of the Richard B. Baumgardner Center for the Performing Arts. We would like to recreate the Peppermint Lounge for a day (similar to what Jackie Kennedy did) and hire dozens of people to impersonate the celebrities who frequented the Pep in New York and Miami. Our team has closely studied launches and other major promotions such as the 1939 3-day Atlanta premiere of Gone with the Wind, and we believe we can apply many of the same principles to making our launch a success. (The governor of Georgia declared December 15, 1939, a state holiday; while we don’t expect to garner the same type of celebrity, we have close ties to Charlie Crist, former Florida governor and current member of the U.S. House of Representatives. His district includes Clearwater, where the Ruth Eckerd Hall is located.)


Celebrities have agreed to promote the book on their personal social media networks with millions of fans, friends and followers.

Radio Interviews – Local, Regional and National – Already Scheduled – Several DJs enjoy a national audience in the millions.

Pre-Order Announcements and options to purchase the book by our dedicated fans who are our best cheerleaders, will help spread the word on their personal social media networks. Our followers and newsletter subscribers are some of our biggest fans, and thus most likely to pre-order our book with an estimated target audience of One Million plus.


Five Established Websites  – The website was created 21 years ago 1999. Well established, enjoys excellent world-wide daily visitor traffic.  We own five websites (below), and they will be optimized to attract visitor traffic from major search engines.

Individual landing pages will be designed to promote the book. A book promo page will contain a video trailer, photos, and other content to encourage the sale of the book. It will also encourage visitors to add to our 10,000+ mailing list, which can be used to market to people on an ongoing basis. We will also create teaser pop-ups and hello bars to help capture attention.



 Multi-Project Brand Exposure – Currently in ongoing discussions with Broadway Producers, Investors, Filmmakers, Studio Executives, Documentary Producers/Directors, etc.

  • NY Times Best Seller – Develop and implement 24/7 an aggressive and powerful Pre-Publication Marketing campaign with emphasis on selling 10,000+ books on the first week.
  • Amazon Best Seller book launch campaign – We are already approved by Amazon as an authorized seller and affiliate to sell world-wide, all countries. Amazon’s Search Engine will feature the book near the top of their search results.

Pre-Publication Marketing – Create excitement and anticipation for our book that will attract media attention and social media buzz – Social Media, Search Engines, Websites, Blogs, PodCasts, Advertisements, Flyers, Events, etc.

Social Media Networks – Established active registered member of all major Networks with extremely high visibility for years – Very large, loyal following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc.

Newsletter Mailing List  – Over 15,000 subscribers – Est. 10 years ago.

A series of Book Video Trailers have already been created (more to come) and will be displayed on our five websites.

  • Book and Concert Tours – Joey Dee has a busy concert schedule and will be promoting the book to audiences in the thousands including book sales, signings, etc. –

Facebook – member of 355 Facebook Groups, Clubs and Forums representing eight million national active members. The book will be heavily promoted to these targets – Books, Music, The Mob, Entertainment, etc.  List available.

  • Press Release – Writing and distributing book announcement to local, regional and national media in an effort to gain attention and exposure. To be done on a massive scale.
  • Contact syndicated columnists and wire services to promote the book.
  • Corporate Sponsors – East Coast Music Hall of Fame, etc.
  • Automation Submissions – Digital Marketing Software will schedule and post 24/7 – Professional Book Trailer, graphics, sales pitch, promos, to ALL Social Media Networks with a world-wide target audience of Three Million plus.


Google Search Engine Results:
“Joey Dee” 19.1 Million
“Joey Dee Life” 18.2 Million
“Joey Dee Story” 16.2 Million
“Joey Dee Facebook” 10.1 Million
“Joey Dee Twitter” 11.2 Million
“The Peppermint Twist” 13.7 Million
“Joey Dee Bio” 6.1 Million


 Most Book Publishers expect the author to do all the sales and marketing. The author (Joey Dee) enjoys a very large existing highly-visible built-in worldwide audience waiting to buy the book. The numbers and stats will confirm and verify that claim.

ALL Authors claim to have a great book, eager to get published. We also claim to have a great book with an incredible story that the public is eager to buy, particularly our target audiences and so much more. We strongly believe that our Author platform will produce profitable results for the book publisher.

We offer a very profitable venture for the book publisher with nearly zero risks. I am a sales and marketing expert with a background of over 30 years of solid and successful sales, marketing and promotion experience. I will personally live and breathe 24/7 for the success of this book permanently.

We understand and agree that the P&L is a publisher’s basic decision making tool for determining whether a book makes financial sense to publish.  The “Peppermint Twist Chronicles” book and marketing efforts is basically a business – It’s all about the bottom line, all else is secondary.

NOTE:  More than half of book sales now sell online—but the underlying P&L math remains the same.

The Internet is a limitless platform full of people who love books, love to review them, and love to tell others about them. We want our book to be as public as possible, and to be as discoverable as possible on a worldwide basis – Joey Dee is an international star, with a strong following in Europe, particularly Germany, Sweden, Italy, UK, Japan etc. The book publicity campaigns will target the USA and Europe including the worldwide web.

After you have reviewed all the data and statistics that confirm and backup our claims, the conclusion to publish the book will result in beneficial financial rewards. And of course, bragging rights when we make the NY Times Best Seller list.

People all over the world use Google Search every day to run billions and billions of web searches to find answers to questions, research information, and find websites. They are generally looking for answers or data, etc. The search engines serve in response to a user’s search query with relevant and thorough search results.

Why are their millions of search results for “Joey Dee Bio”, “Joey Dee Life Story”, and “Joey Dee Book”?  These three total nearly 27 Million results, an incredible huge number. The search results data is all easily verifiable and clearly and convincingly backs up our claim of making the NY Times Best Seller List! We will make them very happy by getting the book published so that they can get their questions answered. Pre-Publication book sales will be a major financial success for the Publisher.

  • According to Moz, the FIRST page of Google captures 71% of SEARCH TRAFFIC CLICKS and has been reported to be as high as 92% in recent years. 
  • A 2019 poll by Marist College and National Public Radio (NPR) shows that 76% of all United States adults SHOP ONLINE. 
  • Research data indicates that “RANKING ON THE FIRST PAGE” is a significant advantage. The FIRST THREE POSITIONS on the FIRST page get 75% of the CLICKS.


FACT: We are established and listed on the FIRST PAGE of Google search engine results with the following keywords or search terms currently used by the public.

On the FIRST page, the user will find our 5 Established websites with eCommerce, featured photos, videos and information pertaining to Joey Dee & The Starliters. Extremely popular keywords-phrases frequently used on a daily basis that represent staggering high numbers in the millions upon millions. Take a close look at the keywords and search terms used by the worldwide public. Again, each and every keyword phrase displays significant and substantial information with links on the FIRST page. The data proves that the public has a high-level of interest with many potential book buyers.

Bottom Line:  A huge WORLD-WIDE audience ready and willing to buy Peppermint Twist Chronicles the book, guaranteed. A profitable venture for all.

       Pre-Publication Marketing

We understand that pre-orders are simply one piece of the puzzle when it comes to our marketing and publicity campaigns. However, it’s a very important piece that will be a top priority.

All of our sales and marketing efforts will comply with the book publisher’s guidelines and approval. The “Pre-Publication Marketing” is a personal high priority and will be put into action when the time is right. The procedure, time-line and steps that need to be taken will be important and any assistance or advice would be helpful.

This additional marketing component will help bolster our existing high-power marketing plan.  The Pre-Publication Marketing Book Promotion will create excitement and anticipation for our book that can attract media attention and social media buzz.

Pre-order Announcements and options to purchase the book by our dedicated fans who are our best cheerleaders, will help spread the word on their personal social media networks. Our followers and newsletter subscribers are some of our biggest fans, and thus most likely to pre-order our book.

It will allow us the opportunity to start marketing the book “earlier”, since the production and distribution process can take a long time and help set the stage for success. The marketing plan will drive thousands of readers to bookstores as the book is being released. A well-conceived book, a targeted audience, and a substantial marketing platform are all essential parts of the bestseller engine. The New York Times Best Seller list is the goal.

A social media plan incorporating a book launch strategy will begin approx. six months to a year, and if possible – even earlier, before the book is released. A smart well-constructed super-fast start will be essential to produce successful results.

Additionally, pre-orders can have a ripple effect in the broader publishing industry, and a prepublication buzz campaign in support of preorders can build anticipation for our book launch, allowing us to carry momentum through the weeks following the on-sale date.

For an author, pre-orders can alert retailers and consumers that they should pay attention to our book. From the Book Publisher’s perspective, the pre-order quantity is a good early indicator of a book’s success, and can lead to retailers increasing their initial orders.

A few of the marketing campaign items will include:  Teaser Marketing, Blurb Endorsements, Book Trailer, Email, Personal Networking, concerts, press releases, social media, our five established websites, radio interviews, ads, events, sponsors, mailings, and much, much more.

A Marketing Plan that will attract a world-wide audience. The overwhelming research data proves it!

With the name in the book title, it’s a win-win situation that will result in a financial benefit for all involved. And of course the unlimited exposure and bragging rights, when we achieve and make the NY Times Best Seller list, and other worthy awards. Broadway, Hollywood, here we come.

FACT:   Peppermint Twist & Joey Dee names is Synonymous and One and the Same

A great memorable name such as the Peppermint Twist really stands for something special. It’s sound has rhythm and it looks fabulous and instantly and visually recognizable in text, graphics, art, action, sounds, videos and much more. We are very proud to own a very popular, strong, well-known established brand that clearly enhances our credibility with the world-wide public and the marketplace. Book Sales.

Peppermint Twist is a distinctive, memorable, easy to pronounce and emotionally appealing name. The historic name has an identity and special personality that will act as a strong magnet attracting a world-wide audience. The overwhelming and verifiable research data proves it! 


Joey Dee Facebook   –   10.1 Million

Joey Dee Twitter      –     11.2 Million



Brand names and trademarks are valuable assets to a business. Often a brand or trademark becomes synonymous with the product. A brand name such as “Peppermint Twist®” identifies Joey Dee, Twist dance, Twist song, and much more.

Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks and the reputation such brands represent. A known brand is the first thing customers enter into a search engine or social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) when looking for information. Higher traffic on a website or social media platform translates into higher rankings, bringing even more traffic, more customers and more brand recognition.

Celebrity Endorsements – Back Cover 

Pre-Publication Endorsements  (Blurbs)

For a blurb to have a beneficial effect, it must be written by someone whose opinion carries weight with your likely readers, and we certainly have that and more. Highly recognizable endorsements can infuse a book with credibility and authority. The Blurbs will also complement the sales copy and introduce any relevant info not found elsewhere. Often blurbs are just for social proof so that people will trust the stuff you say in the sales copy. A few of the marketing campaign items will include: Teaser marketing, Blurb-Endorsements, Book Trailer, Email, Personal Networking, and much more…

Frankie Valli Tony Orlando
Bobby Rydell Frankie Avalon
Sir Barry Gibb Ronnie Specter
Aaron Neville Cousin Brucie
Shirley Alston Reeves Manhattan Transfer
Julian Lennon

Facebook Network Sharing Marketing

A few very impressive numbers to ponder. Let’s assume that Joey Dee’s FB friends that have their own personal network of friends, “average” a certain hypothetical number.


All 5,000 of Joey Dee FB friends, each have their own personal list of FB friends. Each has its own following and the numbers can range from 50 to 5,000. It depends on how popular each Joey FB friend is with it’s “own” personal network. Is the average 500? 1,000? 300? – I think 500 is a low number and it’s probably much higher.

Average Number of Friends each have:

500 x 5,000   =   2.5 Million FB Users   –   Target Audience

700 x 5,000   =   3.5 Million FB Users   –   Target Audience

900 x 5,000   =   4.5 Million FB Users   –   Target Audience


As you can see, the numbers are staggering. Our 5,000 FB friends helping us by sharing our post with their FB friends. Please keep in mind that this is just a fragment of the overall comprehensive Facebook marketing plan. When you start adding up all the different components of the Facebook strategy, we are dealing easily in the millions.

Joey Dee Facebook personal numerous networks, clubs, groups, communities, forums and more.

And many will also receive a personal message via “Facebook” Messenger asking them to share with their friends to buy the book.

Our Celebrity endorsements will post the book announcement on their personal FB, Twitter networks, which is also in the millions.

I will optimize the Facebook posts with #hashtags, graphics and technically manipulate the HTML code and data so that it appears in all the major search engines, directories, forums, blogs, etc…. And in particular on Amazon’s search engine.

The FB posts will be inter-linked with other social media giants such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. Backlinks to each individual post helps it to go viral and circulate rapidly with world-wide visibility, exposure and “Brand” awareness. It’s important that a very catchy, impressive, specific “logo” be created that would be used anywhere and everywhere.

JOEY DEE:     Honored  *  Acclaimed  *  Treasured  *  Revered

As evidenced by the following distinguished and influential list of “PUBLISHED” books from over the years.

This shortened list of 271 prominent published books is just a small sample.

Another 300+ published books can be added to this extraordinary cast of authors acknowledging a historic and famed living-legend, Joey Dee.


1 Billy Joel: The Life & Times of an Angry Young Man – Hank Bordowitz – 2006 137 Who Wrote The Book Of Love? – Richard Crouse – 2012
2 Down thunder road: the making of Bruce Springsteen – Marc Eliot – 1992 138 Who’s who in rock music – William York – 1982
3 Frank Sinatra: An Extraordinary Life – Spencer Leigh – 2015 139 2004 Movie & Video Guide – Leonard Maltin’s – 2003
4 Elvis Presley Passed Here: Even More Locations of America’s – Chris Epting – 2005 140 A Century of Dance – Ian Driver – 2001
5 Hendrix on Hendrix: Interviews Encounters with Jimi Hendrix – Steven Roby – 2012 141 A chronicle of American music, 1700-1995 – Charles J. Hall – 1996
6 John Lennon: The Life – Philip Norman – 2011 142 A Man Called Destruction: Life & Music Alex Chilton, Box Tops – Holly Warren – 2014
7 Judy & I: My Life with Judy Garland – Sid Luft – 2018 143 A Maysles Scrapbook: Photographs, Cinemagraphs, Docs – Albert Maysles – 2007
8 Liz: An Intimate Biography of Elizabeth Taylor – C. David Heymann – 2012 144 A Misfit’s Manifesto: Sociological Memoir Rock & Roll Heart – Donna Gaines – 2007
9 POPism: The Warhol Sixties – Andy Warhol – 2015 145 American Fads – Richard Alan Johnson – 1985
10 Racing in the Street: The Bruce Springsteen Reader – June Skinner Sawyers – 2004 146 American Hit Radio: A History of Popular Singles – Thomas Ryan – 2000
11 Ray Charles: Man and Music – Michael Lydon – 1998 147 And the Hits Just Keep On Comin – Peter E. Berry – 1977
12 Ringo: With a Little Help – Michael Seth Starr – 2016 148 Anthology of American jazz dance – Gus Giordano – 1978
13 Tune In: The Beatles: All These Years – Mark Lewisohn – 2013 149 Babes Remember: Unforgettable People, Places, Things – Jill Larson Sundberg – 2005
14 Untold Gold: The Stories Behind Elvis’s #1 Hits – Ace Collins – 2005 150 Billboard Top 1000 Hits of the Rock Era, 1955-2005 – 2006
15 America’s Queen: The Life of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis – Sarah Bradford – 2001 151 Billy Vera: Harlem to Hollywood – Billy Vera – 2017
16 Bob Hope on TV: Thanks for the Video Memories – Wesley Hyatt – 2018 152 Contemporary Music Almanac – Schirmer Books – 1980
17 Brando: Songs My Mother Taught Me – Marlon Brando – 2011 153 Dance: A Very Social History – Carol Wallace – 1986
18 If You Like the Beatles…: Here Are Over 200 Bands – Bruce Pollock – 2011 154 Celluloid Rock: Twenty Years of Movie Rock – Philip Jenkinson – 1974
19 George Lucas: A Biography – John Baxter – 2012 155 DJ-culture – Ulf Poschardt – 1998
20 The Ringo Starr Encyclopedia – Bill Harry – 2004 156 Girl groups: the story of a sound – Alan Betrock – 1982
21 America’s Songs III: Rock!: Rock! – Bruce Pollock – 2017 157 Good Rx V: Grinding out an American Dream – Benjamin Benoit – 2012
22 Fab Four FAQ: Everything Left to Know About the Beatles – Stuart Shea – 2007 158 Hipper Than Our Kids: A Rock & Roll Journal of the Baby Boom – Bruce Pollock – 1995
23 In My Life: The Brian Epstein Story – Debbie Geller – 2016 159 Hollywood Rock – Marshall Crenshaw – 1994
24 In the Pleasure Groove Deluxe: Love, Death, and Duran Duran – John Taylor – 2012 160 How Did They Do That?   – Caroline Sutton – 2010
25 Jayne Mansfield: A Bio-bibliography – Jocelyn Faris – 1994 161 It’s Rock ‘n’ Roll – Gene Busnar – 1980
26 Kitty Genovese: The Murder, the Bystanders, the Crime that – Kevin Cook – 2014 162 John Gilbert: The Last of the Silent Film Stars – Eve Golden – 2013
27 Presleyana: Elvis Presley record price guide – Jerry Osborne – 1983 163 Laughter in the rain: my own story – Neil Sedaka – 1982
28 Starting At Zero: His Own Story – Jimi Hendrix – 2013 164 Long Time Leaving: Dispatches from Up South – Roy Blount, Jr. – 2009
29 The Blue Moment: Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue Remaking – Richard Williams – 2010 165 Love Target – Heidi Loeb Hegerich – 2015
30 He’s a Rebel: Phil Spector, Rock & Roll’s Legendary Producer – Mark Ribowsky – 2000 166 Mangrove Roots Chronicles – Wanjiru Uhuru – 2012


31 The Encyclopedia of Popular Music: Colin Larkin – 2006 167 Movie Musicals on Record: Directory of Recordings – Richard Lynch – 1989
32 The History of Rock & Roll, Volume 1: – Ed Ward – 2016 168 Movie Song Catalog: Performers and Supporting Crew – Ruth Benjamin – 1993
33 Way Beyond Compare: Beatles’ Recorded Legacy, 1957-1965 – John Winn – 2008 169 New York, culture capital of the world, 1940-1965 – Leonard Wallock – 1988
34 Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!: The Story of Pop Music from Bill Haley to – Bob Stanley – 2014 170 Oldies but goodies: the rock ‘n’ roll years – Stewart Goldstein – 1977
35 Carlos Santana: Back on Top – Marc Shapiro – 2000 171 Our Lives and Times – Lorraine Glennon – 2005
36 Grace & Power: Private World of the Kennedy White House – Sally Smith – 2011 172 Our times: the illustrated history of the 20th century – Lorraine Glennon – 1995
37 Julie Andrews: An Intimate Biography – Richard Stirling – 2011 173 Popular & rock records, 1948-1978 – Jerry Osborne – 1978
38 The Unofficial Encyclopedia of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame – Nick Talevski – 1998 174 Rock almanac: top twenty American and British singles – Stephen Nugent – 1978
39 Popular Musicians: The Doobie Brothers-Paul McCartney – Steve Hochman – 2000 175 Rock Eras: Interpretations of Music & Society, 1954-1984 – James Curtis – 1987
40 Social Dancing in America: Lindy Hop – Hip Hop, 1901-2000 – Ralph Giordano – 2007 176 Rock on: The solid gold years – Norm N. Nite – 1985
41 The Billboard Book of Number One Hits – Fred Bronson – 2003 177 Rockbound: Rock’ n’ roll Encounters – Red Robinson – 1983
42 American Singing Groups: A History from 1940s to Today – Jay Warner – 2006 178 Rockin’ Reels: An Illustrated History of Rock & Roll Movies – Jan Stacy – 1984
43 Rock ‘n’ Roll Movies – David Sterritt – 2017 179 SEX BOOZE & BLUES – Alan Reeves – 2014
44 Pioneers of rock and roll: 100 artists who changed the face – Harry Sumrall – 1994 180 Sixties rock, a listener’s guide – Robert Santelli – 1985
45 The Rough Guide to Jimi Hendrix – Richie Unterberger – 2011 181 That Would Be Me: Rock & Roll Survivor To Hollywood Actor – Mickey Jones – 2007
46 A Brief History of Rock, Off the Record – Wayne Robins – 2016 182 The Cutting Room: Dark Reflections of the Silver Screen – Ellen Datlow – 2014
47 Encyclopedia of Recorded Sound – Frank W. Hoffmann – 2006 183 The Death of the Grown-Up: How America’s – Diana West – 2008
48 Billboard Number One Hits 1955-2017 with Youtube Links – Bold Rain – 2016 184 The Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music – Colin Larkin – 1995
49 Dream Boogie: The Triumph of Sam Cooke – Peter Guralnick – 2014 185 The Lives of Ingolf Dahl – Anthony Linick – 2008
50 It’s in the Book, Bob! – Bob Eubanks – 2004 186 The New Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll – Patricia  Romanowski- 1995
51 A Century of American Popular Music – David A. Jasen – 2013 187 The Omnibus Book of British American Hit Singles, 1960-1990 – Dave McAleer – 1990
52 All Music Guide to Rock: The Definitive Guide to Rock – Vladimir Bogdanov – 2002 188 The Penguin Encyclopedia of Popular Music – Donald Clarke – 1990
53 Be My Baby: How I Survived Mascara, Miniskirts, Madness – Ronnie Spector – 2016 189 The pop sixties: a personal and irreverent guide – Andrew J. Edelstein – 1985
54 Becoming Jimi Hendrix: From Southern Crossroads to – Steven Roby – 2010 190 The Rolling Stone Album Guide: – Anthony DeCurtis – 1992
55 Dancing with Myself – Billy Idol – 2014 191 The Sixties in America: School desegregation – Carl Singleton – 1999
56 Encyclopedia of Pop Music Aliases, 1950-2000 – Bob Leszczak – 2014 192 The stars & superstars of Black music – Jeremy Pascall – 1977
57 Godfather of the Music Business: Morris Levy – Richard Carlin – 2016 193 Variety’s Film Reviews: 1959-1963 – Bowker – 1989
58 Icons of Rock: Encyclopedia of the Legends Who Changed – Scott Schinder – 2010 194 Waking from the Dream: America in the Sixties – Toby Goldstein – 1988
59 Last Night a DJ Saved My Life: The History of the Disc Jockey – Bill Brewster – 2016 195 When rock was young: a nostalgic review of the Top 40 era – Bruce Pollock – 1981
60 Me, the Mob, Music: One Helluva Ride with Tommy James – Tommy James – 2010 196 When we were young: a baby boomer yearbook – Rita Lang Kleinfelder – 1993
61 Popular Music in America:  The Beat Goes On – Michael Campbell – 2016 197 When A Father Fails – Pastor Ali – 2010
62 Rock 100: The Greatest Stars of Rock’s Golden Age – David Dalton – 2000 198 Accessible Verses: Humor in Poetry – Ed Caffrey – 2011
63 Contemporary Musicians: Profiles of the People in Music – Angela Pilchak – 2005 199 American entertainment: a unique history of popular show – Joseph Csida – 1978
64 Rock and Roll and the American Landscape: Stuart Rosenberg – 2009 200 Amps!: The Other Half of Rock ‘n’ Roll – Ritchie Fliegler – 1993
65 Sh-Boom!: The Explosion of Rock ‘n’ Roll, 1953–1968 – Clay Cole – 2009 201 Art in the Streets – Jeffrey Deitch – 2011


66 The 100 Greatest Rock ‘n’ Roll Songs Ever – Avram Mednick – 2000 202 Boom!:  Talkin’ About Our Generation – Joel Makower – 1985
67 The Best of Rolling Stone: 25 years of journalism on the edge – Robert Love – 1993 203 Both sides now, the story of rock and roll presents Oldies – Mike Callahan – 1994
68 Black popular music in America: from the spirituals – Arnold Shaw – 1986 204 Cash box pop singles charts, 1950-1993 – Pat Downey – 1984
69 The Classic Rock and Roll Reader: Rock Music from Its – William E Studwell – 2015 205 Chartmasters’ Rock 100: An Authoritative Ranking of the 100 – Jim Quirin – 1982
70 The Beatles who’s who – Bill Harry – 1982 206 Cinema Sheet Music: Comprehensive Listing Published – Donald Stubblebine – 1991
71 The Foundations of Rock: From “Blue Suede Shoes” to Suite – Walter Everett – 2008 207 Attempting Normal – Marc Maron – 2013
72 The Rock ‘n’ Roll Age: The Music, the Culture, the Generation – Mike Evans – 2009 208 Daniel Blum’s Screen World 1963 – Daniel Blum – 1963
73 Twist and Shout: The Golden Age of Rock ‘N Roll – Lee Cotten – 2002 209 Eight days a week: an illustrated record of rock ‘n’ roll – Kenneth Best – 1992
74 Ultimate Book of Songs and Artists: Essential Music Guide – Joel Whitburn – 2009 210 Facts Behind The Songs: Handbook American Popular Music – Marvin Paymer – 1993
75 You Only Rock Once: My Life in Music – Jerry Blavat – 2011 211 Fads, Follies, and Delusions of the American People – Paul Sann – 1967
76 Jimi Hendrix: Electric Gypsy – Harry Shapiro – 1995 212 Gloss: Summer Scandal – Marilyn Kaye – 2014
87 Rock, roll & remember – Dick Clark – 1978 213 Goldmine Records & Prices – Tim Neely – 2004
78 Rolling Stone Encyclopedia of Rock & Roll: Editors Rolling Stone – 2001 214 Grown Up All Wrong: 75 Great Rock and Pop Artists – Robert Christgau – 1998
79 The Beatles, untold tales – Howard A. DeWitt – 1985 215 I Can’t Hear You, I’m Listening to Joey Dee & the Starliters – I Like Band – 2019
80 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Rock History: – 2006 216 Joel Whitburn Presents Billboard #1s, 1950-1991 – Joel Whitburn – 1991
81 African American Dance: An Illustrated History – Barbara S. Glass – 2007 217 Modern Drummer: MD. – Roy Weinberge – 1990
82 All Hopped Up Ready to Go: Music from Streets of New York – Tony Fletcher – 2010 218 MusicHound Swing!: The Essential Album Guide – Steve Knopper – 1999
83 American Bandstand: Dick Clark Making Rock ‘n’ Roll Empire – John Jackson – 1999 219 MusicMaster: The 45 RPM Record Directory : 1947 – 1982 – Paul Mawhinney – 1983
84 American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MP3 – Larry Starr – 2009 220 New Book of Rock Lists – Dave Marsh – 1994
85 American Top 40 with Casey Kasem – Pete Battistini – 2012 221 Old Orchard Beach – Daniel E. Blaney – 2007
86 Awopbopaloobop Alopbamboom: The Golden Age of Rock – Nik Cohn – 2001 222 Publication Editing – Don Ranly – 1991
87 Before, between, and beyond: three decades of dance – Sally Banes – 2009 223 Record albums, 1948-1978 – Jerry Osborne – 1978
88 The Virgin Encyclopedia of R&B and Soul – 1998 224 Rock Facts – fred l. worth – 1985
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97 Hotter Than a Match Head: My Life on the Run with The Lovin’ – Steve Boone – 2016 233 The Marion Popcorn Festival: A Fun-Filled History – Michelle Johnson – 2014
98 How The Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll: An Alternative – Elijah Wald – 2011 234 The Motion Picture Guide – James Pallot – 1994
99 Joel Whitburn’s Top Pop Singles 1955-2006 – Joel Whitburn – 2007 235 The new Rolling stone record guide – Dave Marsh – 1983
100 Johnny live – Frédéric Quinonero – 2012 236 The Show Business Nobody Knows – Earl Wilson – 1971
101 Lights, camera, sound tracks – Martin Charles Strong – 2008 237 The story of rock – Carl Belz – 1971
102 Million selling records from the 1900s to the 1980s – Joseph Murrells – 1984 238 Crown Heights and Weeksville – Wilhelmena Rhodes Kelly – 2009
103 Music in the 20th Century – Hao Huang – 1999 239 Goldmine Standard Catalog of American Records: 1950-1975 – Tim Neely – 2006
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136 What was hot! – Julian Biddle – 2001


 Peppermint Twist Chronicles

Joey Dee Book

Each and every phrase and keyword used by the public on Google, demonstrates and confirms a very high level of daily interest for a Joey Dee book.

A hungry and eager public that is anxious to purchase “Peppermint Twist Chronicles“, the book. The numbers clearly indicate a very profitable venture for the book publisher with zero risk. A money-making book that has the potential to be a NY Times Best Seller. 

>>   Joey Dee Published Book   =   5,190,000   << 

joey dee life 18,200,000
joey dee story 16,200,000
joey dee life’s work 13,400,000
joey dee stories 13,200,000
joey dee walk of life 11,900,000
joey dee history 9,830,000
joey dee diary 9,760,000
joey dee book 9,170,000
joey dee career 9,660,000
joey dee profile 6,850,000
joey dee bio 6,220,000
joey dee background 5,420,000
joey dee archives 5,200,000
joey dee saga 4,550,000
joey dee lifetime 4,480,000
joey dee publication 4,570,000
joey dee confessions 3,510,000
joey dee personal history 3,460,000
joey dee writing 3,420,000
joey dee experiences 3,290,000
joey dee journal 3,280,000
joey dee chronicle 3,020,000
joey dee autograph 2,850,000
joey dee narrative 2,470,000
joey dee memoirs 2,460,000
joey dee memoir 2,370,000
joey dee biography 2,260,000
joey dee self-portrayal 1,890,000
joey dee autobiography 1,490,000



Again, we are featured on the FIRST Page for each of the following keyword phrases used by the global market.  There are probably at least 500 or more additional keyword phrases being used, but not listed here.

two tickets to paris movie 289,000,000
is joey dee still alive 22,900,000
hey lets twist 35,200,000
joey dee 22,700,000
hey let’s twist movie 15,800,000
What band was Joe Pesci in? 12,400,000
joey dee story 16,200,000
The peppermint twist 11,600,000
joey dee international star 11,970,000
Where was the Peppermint Twist developed? 11,620,000
peppermint lounge wikipedia 7,150,000
joey dee career 9,130,000
joey dee and the beatles 6,770,000
joey dee diary 8,320,000
joey dee the mob 5,880,000
joey dee background 4,270,000
peppermint lounge 5,480,000
Who owned the Peppermint Lounge? 4,080,000
mr. peppermint twist 4,770,000
peppermint twist book 4,910,000
peppermint twist dance kids 3,560,000
peppermint twist dancers 3,180,000
pictures of the original peppermint lounge 2,670,000
joey dee integrated band 2,480,000
peppermint twist dancing 2,470,000
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peppermint twist dance music video 2,300,000
peppermint twist dancing competition 2,230,000
peppermint twist dance 2,140,000
peppermint twist dance music 1,990,000
peppermint twist dance music video download 1,940,000
peppermint twist dance competition 2,160,000
peppermint twist song 2,140,000
joey dee memoirs 2,430,000
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peppermint twist dance video 1,660,000
peppermint twist youtube 1,660,000
joey dee autograph 2,710,000
history of peppermint lounge 1,580,000
joey dee jimi hendrix 3,080,000
peppermint twist dance song 1,540,000
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history of the dance peppermint twist 1,350,000
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joey dee autobiography 1,300,000
history of the song peppermint twist 1,280,000
peppermint twist dance studio 1,250,000
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joey dee wikipedia 1,040,000
peppermint twist record 955,000
peppermint lounge band 944,000
peppermint lounge nyc 731,000
peppermint twist chronicles 994,000
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Was Joe Pesci in a band with Jimi Hendrix 565,000
Who sang the Peppermint Twist? 431,000
peppermint twist song orchestra 371,000
beatles peppermint lounge 951,000

“Peppermint Twist”  –  Phrases (Keywords)



the peppermint twist 13,700,000
peppermint twist still popular 13,600,000
Where was the Peppermint Twist developed? 11,100,000
how to do the peppermint twist 11,100,000
peppermint twist 9,180,000
mr. peppermint twist 4,340,000
remembering the peppermint twist 3,820,000
peppermint twist book 5,100,000
peppermint twist dance kids 3,560,000
peppermint twist story 3,300,000
the history of peppermint twist 2,680,000
dancing the peppermint twist 3,480,000
peppermint twist dancers 2,660,000
peppermint twist dancing 2,900,000
peppermint twist dance moves 2,310,000
peppermint twist dance music video 2,300,000
peppermint twist dancing competition 2,230,000
peppermint twist history 2,110,000
peppermint twist dance 2,040,000
peppermint twist dance competition 2,010,000
singing the peppermint twist 2,000,000
peppermint twist dance music 1,990,000
peppermint twist dance music video download 1,940,000
peppermint twist dance video 1,880,000
peppermint twist youtube 1,790,000
peppermint twist song 1,740,000
peppermint twist era 1,670,000
peppermint twist dance song 1,540,000
peppermint twist memoir 1,530,000
peppermint twist legend 1,470,000
peppermint twist dance steps 1,460,000
peppermint twist chronicles 990,000


Cute Dance Studio advertisement with a cute slogan:  “Come On Baby! Let’s do THE PEPPERMINT TWIST!

 These young ladies know the Peppermint Twist Song and Dance. They have spent numerous hours practicing and rehearsing the dance steps.  If the photo ad was taken 15 years ago, now they are adults.

The ladies will want to buy the book reminding them of their fond childhood memories.  They would want to know about the creator, inventor, songwriter that started it all 58 years ago.

Dance Studios across the country sell and promote “Peppermint Twist” Dance lessons.

And almost all the youngsters wear a Peppermint Twist style costume. They eventually perform on a live stage doing their dance steps while Joey Dee’s record is playing in the background. Numerous videos and photos in our collection.

Peppermint Twist Song & Dance  –  KidSongs TV

 This is a really must see video, only two minutes.  The award-winning video, music and television series “KidSongs TV” has run for 14 years on just about every network.  A professionally done video that was broadcast on national TV with young kids both singing and actually dancing the legendary world-famous Peppermint Twist®.  The KidSongs TV video starts inside a vintage diner and ends outside the diner with old vintage cars parked in front.      <<

All these performers today are probably young adults and will buy the book because they remember the recognizable name, the song and the dance. Can you imagine the hours spent rehearsing the song and the dance that was probably viewed by an audience of well over one million people. We enjoy a major advantage in publishing the book due the famous, historic, memorable, name and title of the book.

Google displays over 12 million results pages when these two magic keywords (Peppermint Twist) are used by people. Guess who is prominently displayed on page ONE?  Yes, Joey Dee & The Starliters.  FREE advertising instead of paying very large sums of money for the privilege of being on the first page.  Millennials, Generation Z and others are all potentially book buyers of “Peppermint Twist Chronicles“.


Peppermint Twist Song & Dance –   National Ice Skating Champion

Must see Two-Minute video of Ice-Skating national competition with performer ice skating to The “Peppermint TwistSong and Dance. The dance steps are really amazing and true to the legendary dance, The Peppermint Twist.

Thousands in the audience and TV viewers are very familiar with the famous Peppermint Twist name that is our title and will buy the book. 20, 30, 40, 50 year old’s and older are also prime targets for the book and NOT just Baby Boomers.       <<

Rika Hongo is a 23 year old Japanese World Class figure skater who is a two-time Four Continents Champion with numerous awards.

“Singing, Dancing and Reminiscing with Memory Lane”

Pre-Schoolers, Kids, Teenagers and young and old adults are familiar with the “Peppermint Twist” because they grew up with it. Wedged in our memories entirely because of our personal experience. The last 5, 10, 15, 20 years and more of singing and dancing to the “Peppermint Twist“. These young adults are prime to buy the book. They have danced and sang the lyrics, year after year as they grew older. The name and or title is very familiar to them and they will want to know about the incredible history of the Peppermint Twist and Joey Dee who originated it. 

The Peppermint Twist fans start at a very young age singing and dancing in Nursery schools, Kindergartens, Middles Schools, High schools, colleges, dance studios, and national competitions. It’s NO surprise that today’s and yesterday’s generation is fondly familiar with the very popular and memorable name and title and will definitely purchase the book.

Songs from the past can stir powerful emotions and transport us back in time.  The relationship between music and memory is powerful, and new … At a party, it is something that we hear while dancing or chatting to a friend.   It’s amazing how one song or dance can leave such an imprint in our mind, that years later when you hear the song/dance you are taken back to that place in time. Music is the window that opens up your soul, and out flows the memories of your heart. A certain song can bring back a flood of recollections from a time long gone, like the first song you ever danced to when you were young or just a kid.

Peppermint Twist Song & Dance – High School Seniors


High School Seniors performing The Peppermint Twist Dance live” on stage (National Competition) with Joey Dee’s record playing in the background.

The dancers know ALL the lyrics to the famous song, word for word. Potential book buyers of “Peppermint Twist Chronicles“, for sure.

Notice the Peppermint Twist style costumes. Photo courtesy of U-Can Dance Studio.

These “Live” competition events are very popular and held in many cities across the USA. The audiences usually sing-along, and will buy the book when they hear about it.


Young Peppermint Twisters Performing The Peppermint Twist Dance


Peppermint Twist Dancers performing “live” on stage with the cute Peppermint Twist costumes. And Joey Dee’s recording playing in the background for all to hear and enjoy including the audience.

Tens of thousands of attendees singing along at stage shows nationally. The performers now adults, their families and the audience are all potential book buyers of “Peppermint Twist Chronicles“.

The Peppermint Twist name and title triggers nostalgia and awakens memories. We associate songs with emotions, people, and places we’ve experienced in the past.

Today’s generation and others are also prime targets for the book. Generation Z and The Millennials will be interested in buying the book.

The Book Publisher Editors, please note that it’s not just the Baby boomer generation which represents more than 70 million people. All age groups are potential book buyers, young and old and middle age.

High School Orchestra – Peppermint Twist

Must see two-minute video of a High School Orchestra performing the instrumental “Peppermint Twist” to a large audience.

The students (future musicians) and the audience will buy the book because of their familiarity with the memorable and very popular subject book title. Today’s generation is a viable and realistic target.





Peppermint Twist