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The world-wide web is a limitless incredible platform full of many people who love books, love to review the books, and love to tell others about it.

We need Peppermint Twist Chronicles book to be as public as possible, and to be as discover-able as possible on a worldwide market – Joey Dee an international star, with a strong following in Europe, Germany, Sweden, Italy, UK, Japan etc. The book publicity campaigns will target the USA and Europe including the worldwide internet.

The following marketing plan is an extension and addendum to the super comprehensive detailed marketing report that is currently a part of the “original” book proposal. The Book Publisher expects the author to do all the sales and marketing and it will be done.

The author (Joey Dee) enjoys a very large existing built-in world-wide audience waiting to buy the book eagerly. The following numbers and stats confirm and verify our statements.

Many Authors claim to have written a great book, eager to get published ASAP. We have a great book too with an incredible true story that the public is hungry to purchase, particularly our target audiences and much more. We honestly believe our Author platform will generate profitable results for the book publisher, for sure.

Ours is a very profitable deal for the book publisher with zero risks. I am a sales and marketing expert with a background of over 35 years of solid and successful sales, marketing and promotion experience.

The P & L is a publisher’s important decision-making tool for determining whether a book makes financial sense to publish. The “Peppermint Twist Chronicles” book and marketing efforts is basically a business – It’s all about the bottom line, all else is secondary. More than half of book sales now sell online.

After you have reviewed the data and statistics that easily confirm and backup our claims, the conclusion to publish the book will result in beneficial financial rewards. And of course, bragging rights when we make the NY Times Best Seller list, for sure. joey dee book – 13.3 Million   |   how old is joey dee – 29.5 Million   |   history of joey dee – 7.8 Million

Users all over the world use Google Search daily to run billions and billions of web searches to find answers to questions, research information, and find websites. They are generally looking for answers or data, etc. The search engines serve in response to a user’s search query with relevant and thorough search results.

Why are their millions of search results for “Joey Dee Bio”, “Joey Dee Life Story”, and “Joey Dee Book”?  These three total nearly 35 Million results, an incredible huge number. The search results data is all easily verifiable and clearly and convincingly backs up our claim of making the NY Times Best Seller List!

We will make all very happy by getting Peppermint Twist Chronicles book published so that they can get their questions answered. Pre-Publication book sales will be a major financial success for the Publisher.


  • Research data indicates that “RANKING ON THE FIRST PAGE” is a significant advantage. The FIRST THREE POSITIONS on the FIRST page get 75% of the CLICKS
  • According to Moz, the FIRST page of Google captures 75% of SEARCH TRAFFIC CLICKS and has been reported to be as high as 93% in recent years. 
  • A 2019 poll by Marist  and National Public Radio (NPR) shows that 76% of all United States adults SHOP ONLINE


We are established and listed on the FIRST PAGE of Google search engine results with the following keywords or search terms currently used by the public. On the FIRST page, the user will find our 5 Established websites with eCommerce, featured photos, videos and information pertaining to Joey Dee & The Starliters – Extremely popular keywords-phrases frequently used on a daily basis that represent staggering high numbers in the millions upon millions. Take a close look at the keywords and search terms used by the worldwide public.

Each and keyword phrase displays significant and substantial information with links on the FIRST page. The data proves the public has a high-level of interest with many potential book buyers. A large WORLD-WIDE audience ready and willing to buy Peppermint Twist Chronicles the book, guaranteed. A profitable venture for all.

We are featured on the FIRST Page for each of the following keyword phrases used by the global market. There are probably at least 500 or more additional keyword phrases being used, but not listed here.

two tickets to paris movie 478,000,000
is joey dee still alive 28,960,000
hey lets twist 38,250,000
joey dee 25,770,000
hey let’s twist movie 13,100,000
What band was Joe Pesci in? 12,500,000
joey dee story 12,300,000
The peppermint twist 11,700,000
joey dee international star 8,970,000
Where was the Peppermint Twist developed? 7,720,000
peppermint lounge wikipedia 7,150,000
joey dee career 6,130,000
joey dee and the beatles 5,770,000
joey dee diary 5,320,000
joey dee the mob 5,280,000
joey dee background 5,270,000
peppermint lounge 5,480,000
Who owned the Peppermint Lounge? 4,080,000
mr. peppermint twist 4,070,000
peppermint twist book 3,810,000
peppermint twist dance kids 3,560,000
peppermint twist dancers 3,180,000
pictures of the original peppermint lounge 2,670,000
joey dee integrated band 2,480,000
peppermint twist dancing 2,470,000
peppermint twist dance moves 2,310,000
peppermint twist dance music video 2,300,000
peppermint twist dancing competition 2,230,000
peppermint twist dance 2,140,000
peppermint twist dance music 1,990,000
peppermint twist dance music video download 1,940,000
peppermint twist dance competition 2,160,000
peppermint twist song 1,940,000
joey dee memoirs 1,730,000
peppermint lounge history 1,690,000
peppermint twist dance video 1,660,000
peppermint twist youtube 1,660,000
joey dee autograph 2,210,000
history of peppermint lounge 1,580,000
joey dee jimi hendrix 1,580,000
peppermint twist dance song 1,540,000
peppermint twist dance steps 1,460,000
peppermint twist dance instructions 1,370,000
history of the dance peppermint twist 1,350,000
peppermint twist dance costume 1,330,000
joey dee biography 1,310,000
joey dee autobiography 1,300,000
history of the song peppermint twist 1,280,000
peppermint twist dance studio 1,250,000
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peppermint twist dance youtube 1,130,000
joey dee wikipedia 1,040,000
peppermint twist record 955,000
peppermint lounge band 944,000
peppermint lounge nyc 731,000
peppermint twist chronicles 694,000
peppermint twist lyrics 581,000
peppermint twist beatles 501,000
Was Joe Pesci in a band with Jimi Hendrix 475,000
Who sang the Peppermint Twist? 451,000
peppermint twist song orchestra 381,000
beatles peppermint lounge 391,000


Peppermint Twist Chronicles



Pre-Publication Marketing 

Pre-orders are simply one piece of the puzzle when it comes to our marketing and publicity campaigns. However, it’s a very important piece that will be a top priority. Our sales and marketing efforts will comply with the book publisher’s guidelines and approval. The “Pre-Publication Marketing” is a high priority and will be put into action when the time is right. The procedure, time-line and steps that need to be taken will be important.

The additional marketing component will bolster the existing high-power marketing plan. The Pre-Publication Marketing Book Promotion will create excitement and anticipation for the Peppermint Twist Chronicles book that can attract media attention and social media buzz.

Pre-order Announcements to buy the book by our dedicated fans who are our best cheerleaders, will spread the word on their personal social media networks. Our followers and newsletter subscribers are some of our biggest fans, and thus most likely to pre-order Peppermint Twist Chronicles our book. It will allow us the opportunity to start marketing the book “earlier”, since the production and distribution process can take a long time and help set the stage for success.

The marketing plan will drive thousands of readers to bookstores as Peppermint Twist Chronicles is being released. A well-conceived book, a targeted audience, and a substantial marketing platform are all essential parts of the bestseller engine. The New York Times Best Seller list is the goal.

A social media plan incorporating a book launch strategy will begin approx. six months to a year, and if possible – even earlier, before the book is released. A smart well-constructed super-fast start will be essential to produce successful results.

Additionally, pre-orders can have a ripple effect in the broader publishing industry, and a pre-publication buzz campaign in support of pre-orders can build anticipation for Peppermint Twist Chronicles book launch, allowing us to carry momentum through the weeks following the on-sale date.

For an author, pre-orders can alert retailers and consumers that they should pay attention to our book. From the Book Publisher’s perspective, the pre-order quantity is a good early indicator of a book’s success, and can lead to retailers increasing their initial orders.

A few of the marketing campaign items will include: Teaser Marketing, Blurb-Endorsements, Book Trailer, Email, Personal Networking, concerts, press releases, social media, our five established websites, radio interviews, ads, events, sponsors, mailings, and much, more.

A great memorable name such as the Peppermint Twist stands for something. It’s sound has rhythm and it looks great and instantly and visually recognizable in text, graphics, art, action, sounds, videos, and much more. Having and owning a strong, well-known established brand enhances our credibility with the world-wide public and the marketplace (Book Sales).



Peppermint Twist is a distinctive, memorable, easy to pronounce and emotionally appealing name. The historic name has an identity and personality that will act as a strong magnet attracting a world-wide audience. The overwhelming research data proves it clearly.

With the name Peppermint Twist Chronicles in the book title, it’s a win-win situation that will result in a financial benefit for all involved. And of course the unlimited exposure and bragging rights, when we achieve and make the NY Times Best Seller list, and other worthy awards. Broadway, Hollywood, here we come.

Peppermint Twist & Joey Dee  –  Synonymous – One and the Same


Joey Dee Facebook   –   14.3 Million

Joey Dee Twitter      –     12.1 Million

Brand names and trademarks are valuable assets to an author. Often a brand or trademark becomes synonymous with the product. A brand name such as “Peppermint Twist®” identifies Joey Dee, Twist dance, Twist song, and much more.

Consumers’ purchasing decisions are influenced by trademarks and the reputation such brands represent. A known brand is the first thing customers enter into a search engine or social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) when looking for information. Higher traffic on a website or social media platform translates into higher rankings, bringing even more traffic, more customers and more brand recognition.



Peppermint Twist Phrases

the peppermint twist 14,700,000
peppermint twist still popular 13,600,000
Where was the Peppermint Twist developed? 11,100,000
how to do the peppermint twist 11,100,000
peppermint twist 9,180,000
mr. peppermint twist 4,640,000
remembering the peppermint twist 3,820,000
peppermint twist book 5,100,000
peppermint twist dance kids 3,560,000
peppermint twist story 3,500,000
the history of peppermint twist 2,680,000
dancing the peppermint twist 2,680,000
peppermint twist dancers 2,660,000
peppermint twist dancing 2,950,000
peppermint twist dance moves 2,310,000
peppermint twist dance music video 2,300,000
peppermint twist dancing competition 2,230,000
peppermint twist history 2,110,000
peppermint twist dance 2,040,000
peppermint twist dance competition 2,010,000
singing the peppermint twist 2,100,000
peppermint twist dance music 1,990,000
peppermint twist dance music video download 1,940,000
peppermint twist dance video 1,880,000
peppermint twist youtube 1,790,000
peppermint twist song 1,740,000
peppermint twist era 1,670,000
peppermint twist dance song 1,540,000
peppermint twist memoir 1,630,000
peppermint twist legend 1,470,000
peppermint twist dance steps 1,460,000
peppermint twist chronicles 890,000


Dance Studio ad and cute slogan:   “Come On Baby! Let’s do THE PEPPERMINT TWIST!

Those young girls know the Peppermint Twist Song and Dance. They have spent numerous hours practicing and rehearsing the dance steps.  If the photo ad was taken 18 years ago, now they are adults.

The ladies will want to buy the book reminding them of their fond childhood memories.  They would want to know about the creator, inventor, songwriter that started it all 57 years ago. 

Dance Studios across the country sell and promote “Peppermint Twist” Dance lessons.

And almost all the youngsters wear a Peppermint Twist style costume. They eventually perform on a live stage doing their dance steps while Joey Dee’s record is playing in the background. Numerous videos and photos in our collection.


Peppermint Twist Song & Dance  –  KidSongs TV 

This is a really must see video, only two minutes. The award-winning video, music and television series “KidSongs TV” has run for 14 years on just about every network. A professionally done video that was broadcast on national TV with young kids both singing and actually dancing the legendary world-famous Peppermint Twist®.The KidSongs TV video starts inside a vintage diner and ends outside the diner with old vintage cars parked in front.

 –  –

All these performers today are probably young adults and will buy the book because they remember the recognizable name, the song and the dance. Can you imagine the hours spent rehearsing the song and the dance that was probably viewed by an audience of well over one million people. We enjoy a major advantage in publishing the book due the famous, historic, memorable, name and title of the book.

 Google displays over 12 million results pages when these two magic keywords (Peppermint Twist) are used by people. Guess who is prominently displayed on page ONE?  Yes, Joey Dee & The Starliters.  FREE advertising instead of paying very large sums of money for the privilege of being on the first page.  Millennials, Generation Z and more are all potentially book buyers of “Peppermint Twist Chronicles“.



Peppermint Twist Song & Dance  –   National Ice Skating Champion 

Must see Two-Minute video of Ice Skating national competition with performer ice skating to The “Peppermint Twist” Song and Dance. The dance steps are really amazing and true to the legendary dance, The Peppermint Twist.

 Thousands in the audience and TV viewers are very familiar with the famous Peppermint Twist name that is our title and will buy the book. 20, 30, 40, 50 year old’s and older are also prime targets for the book and NOT just Baby Boomers. 

Rika Hongo – 25 year old Japanese World Class figure skater who is a two-time Four Continents Champion with numerous awards.



“Singing, Dancing and Reminiscing with Memory Lane”

Kids, Teenagers and young and old adults are familiar with the “Peppermint Twist” because they grew up with it. Wedged in our memories because of our personal experience. The last 5, 10, 15, 25 years and more of singing and dancing to the “Peppermint Twist“. Young adults are eager to buy Peppermint Twist Chronicles book. They have danced and sang the lyrics, for years as they grew older. The name and or title is very familiar to them and they will want to know about the incredible history of the Peppermint Twist and Joey Dee who originated it.

The Peppermint Twist fans begin  at a very young age singing and dancing in Nursery schools, Kindergartens, Middles Schools, High schools, colleges, dance studios, and national competitions. It’s NO surprise that today’s and yesterday’s generation is fondly familiar with the very popular and memorable name and title and will definitely purchase Peppermint Twist Chronicles the book.

Songs from the past stir powerful emotions and take all of us back in time.  The relationship between music and memory is powerful. At a party, it is something that we hear while dancing or chatting to a friend.  It’s amazing how one song or dance can leave such an imprint in our mind, that years later when you hear the song/dance you are taken back to that place in time.

Music is the window that opens up your soul, and out flows the memories of your heart. A certain song can bring back a flood of recollections from a time long gone, like the first song you ever danced to when you were young or just a kid.


Peppermint Twist Chronicles



Peppermint Twist Song & Dance  –  High School Seniors

High School Seniors performing The Peppermint Twist Dance live” on stage (National Competition) with Joey Dee’s record playing in the background. 

The dancers know ALL the lyrics to the famous song, word for word. Potential book buyers of “Peppermint Twist Chronicles“, for sure. 

Notice the Peppermint Twist style costumes. Photo courtesy of U-Can Dance Studio. The “Live” competition events are quite popular and held in many cities across the USA. The audiences usually sing-along, and will definitely buy the book when they learn about it.



Young Peppermint Twisters Performing The Peppermint Twist Dance 

Peppermint Twist Dancers performing “live” on stage with the cute Peppermint Twist costumes. And Joey Dee’s recording playing in the background for all to hear and enjoy including the audience.

Today’s generation and others are also prime targets for the book. Generation Z and The Millennials will be interested in buying the book.

Tens of thousands of attendees singing along at stage shows nationally. The performers now adults, their families and the audience are all potential book buyers of “Peppermint Twist Chronicles“.

The Peppermint Twist name and title triggers nostalgia and awakens memories. We associate songs with emotions, people, and places we’ve experienced in the past.

The Book Publisher Editors, please note that it’s not just the Baby boomer generation which represents more than 70 million people. All age groups are potential Peppermint Twist Chronicles book buyers, young and old and middle age.



Celebrity Endorsements   –   Back Cover

Frankie Valli Tony Orlando
Bobby Rydell Frankie Avalon
Sir Barry Gibb Cousin Brucie
Ronnie Specter Shirley Alston Reeves
Aaron Neville Manhattan Transfer



High School Orchestra   –   Peppermint Twist

See the two-minute video of High School Orchestra performing the instrumental “Peppermint Twist” to a large audience. The students (future musicians) and the audience will buy Peppermint Twist Chronicles the book because of their familiarity with the memorable and very popular subject book title. Today’s generation is a viable and realistic target world-wide. 


Facebook Network Sharing Marketing

A few very impressive numbers to ponder. Let’s assume that Joey Dee’s FB friends that have their own personal network of friends, “average” a certain hypothetical number. All 5,000 of Joey Dee FaceBook friends, each have their own personal list of FB friends. Each has it’s own following and the numbers can range from 150 to 5,000. It depends on how popular each Joey FB friend is with it’s “own” personal network.

Is the average 500? 1,000? 300? – 500 is a low number and it’s probably much higher.

Average Number of Friends each have:

500 x 5,000   =   2.5 Million FB Users   –   Target Audience

700 x 5,000   =   3.5 Million FB Users   –   Target Audience

900 x 5,000   =   4.5 Million FB Users   –   Target Audience

Our 5,000 FaceBook friends joining by sharing our posts with their FB friends. This is just a fragment of the overall comprehensive Facebook marketing plan. When you start adding up all the different components of the Facebook strategy, we are dealing easily in the millions.

Joey Dee Facebook personal numerous networks, clubs, groups, communities, forums and more.

Many will also receive a personal message via “Facebook” Messenger asking them to share with their friends to buy Peppermint Twist Chronicles the book.

We plan to SEO optimize the Facebook posts with #hashtags, graphics and technically manipulate the HTML code and data so that it appears in all the major search engines, directories, forums, blogs, etc…. And in particular on Amazon’s search engine which is important. The FaceBook posts will be linked with social media giants such as Twitter, Instagram, etc. Backlinks to each individual post helps it to go viral and circulate rapidly with world-wide visibility,  exposure and “Brand” awareness.

The Facebook post can be a video trailer, photo ad, sales pitch, announcement, and much more… Also, we could consider paid advertising on Facebook. These are only fragments and components of a large scale and broad Facebook Marketing strategy.


Peppermint Twist Chronicles





Peppermint Twist Chronicles









Peppermint Twist